General conditions of delivery

PRECIOSA FRUIT always confirms in a written form after a negotiation at the agreed conditions for the buy/sale to:

  1. The suppliers with a “firm order”.

  2. The customers with a “confirmation of order” and when the goods have been loaded with a “Loading confirmation” where the gross and net weight is specified.

  3. The forwarder with a “carry order”

This documents must be checked very accurately and any disagreement with any of the points (terms of delivery, article, packaging, prices, etiquettes,) must be claimed readily, otherwise it will be totally confirmed as is.

If they are contracts signed with our suppliers and customers, these contracts then determinate the conditions of the agreed terms of the contract.

For all what is not written, the general conditions of the supplier are valid, as the supplier is the owner of the goods until the customer has accepted them.